A Manifesto for Coping with Jane readers

A Manifesto for who?!!

Well I am thrilled to announce that something I have been working on with a very clever friend of mine launched on Friday. It is a cool new site for women who can’t help but want it all (which is women like me really)¬†and to celebrate I turned the ‘About’ page I wrote for the site into a manifesto because I thought it worked really well!

I am the contributing editor for the site and my (gulp) first weekly column went up today. If you want to read more about Jane and the thinking behind the site, check out the interview I did with her on my personal blog.

In the meantime, if the words below resonate with you, head on over to Coping with Jane, a website created especially for YOU!

Comments ... oh they do make my heart sing!

  1. Kelly this is so exciting! Can’t wait to check it our x

  2. What a fantastic and original concept. I look forward to coming back again & again.

  3. I so love how you have your manifesto into posters (and the great way you write them!)

    Looking forward to finding out aobut the new site you are working with.

    • Thank you lovely Lisa! The site is really beautiful and my friend Jane has done an amazing job with it – I am so proud to be involved.

  4. I love this Manifesto…heading over to ‘Coping with Kelly’ now!

  5. **oops, mean Coping with Jane…sorry!

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