A Manifesto for Grandmothers

There’s a lovely lady called Denyse who is not just a wonderful supporter of this blog, but is also one of the most nurturing and beautiful people in the Australian blogging community. I love her to bits and recently she offered the gift of her thoughts to use in A Manifesto for Grandmothers – something I have been intending to write for ages. I am so pleased to finally have it finished!

While we’re talking about Denyse, some of you may have noticed that I recently shared on Facebook a gorgeous little project that Denyse’s granddaughter conceived. Sophie has created a beautiful little e-book that she is selling for the humble price of $1.99 with all proceeds going to World Vision. I have my copy and would love it if the Smile community got behind Sophie as well! Simply go to Denyse’s website, scroll down till you see the e-book image in the sidebar and then click ‘buy now’. Easy peasy!

In the meantime – I hope you all enjoy A Manifesto for Grandmothers as much as I enjoyed writing it!


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  1. epuld love to share this on my favebook page for grandmothers with your permission!

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