A Manifesto for Kindness

I have been noticing a lot of unkindness in the world recently. I spend a lot of time online and unfortunately the anonymity afforded by the virtual world allows people to drop their usual filters and let forth with words and thoughts they wouldn’t usually give voice. Any form of unkindness makes me a bit sad, but online unkindness seems to propagate a pack mentality that is both unsightly and horrible. That’s why last week I felt compelled to create the below. I know it takes all sorts to make the world go round but if our one common trait was to be kind to each other, this would be such a nice world wouldn’t it? And no less fun right?!

Comments ... oh they do make my heart sing!

  1. So true Kelly! Surely it can’t be that hard for people to be nice to each other.

  2. Kelly, this is awesome and would be amazing in our house! Would it be possible to get in a larger size? I’ve seen it only comes in 8×10.

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