A Manifesto for Photographers

When you’re a graphic designer (like me) you rely hugely on photographers because the difference between your work looking pedestrian and amazing usually comes down to the imagery you use. As much as I cringe to use the word ‘pop’ here, a good image is what makes your work POP.

Having given photography a go myself I have HUGE admiration for and appreciation of professional photographers and have had the pleasure to work with many of them over the years. Last week was one such opportunity and the subject was a hard one – me! I needed some studio shots taken and I was adamant that while I wanted some kick-ass pics, I also wanted them to look like me. The main problem here is that I am not a natural in front of the camera so this meant that Alex had to work VERY hard indeed to get the shots we needed. I gained a whole new level of appreciation for photographers and the wide range of skills they need to bring to the table on the day. They are true artists trying to capture a precious moment, that single point in time where all the planets align. They work very hard to get it right and when they do, it is a beautiful thing indeed 🙂

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  1. Hopefully not just a lifetime… but forever!

  2. I’m sharing this. Yes I am. xxx

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