Some important news from The Smile Collective {and a very big sale}

farewellWell hello there everyone – let’s cut straight to the chase shall we?

It is with a bit of a heavy heart that I have decided it is time to shut down The Smile Collective.

I started this little venture a tick over two years ago and had some big dreams for it! It was a real passion project for me as it combined my two great creative loves – writing and design. So I am a bit sad at my decision but in the end, it is the right one. Unfortunately The Smile Collective needs my full-time attention but it is not getting it. I have quite a large writing load at the moment and my hubby needs my help running our design business. Oh and of course there is the small matter of a little baby girl due to arrive in early April!

So where to from here?

Well I have a frightening amount of stock sitting in the Smile office which means we are having

A VERY BIG SALE {click here}

over at the Smile Online Shop. Everything is less than half price and there is fixed price shipping as well. (Unfortunately we can’t ship outside of Australia for this sale – long story).

Once the sale is over you will still be able to purchase certain prints via Café Press which is a print on demand website. And you will also be able to purchase a digital package containing all the other manifestos.

In the meantime, you can still find me blogging over at and I doubt my manifesto writing days are over so please come and see me over there … or on facebook.

Finally, I’d just like to take this chance to thank you all for your wonderful love and support over the last two years. It has been a really fun ride and who knows, one day I might find myself with the time resources to start back up again 🙂