Movetober Week 1 Wrap


Well hullo everyone – just checking in after the first week and a bit of MOVEtober to see how you are all going. If you’ve managed to do it but it’s been a bit of a mission, well then you’re in the same boat as me! My week and a bit looked a little like this:

Saturday 1 October: First day of the challenge and I enjoyed an early morning run along the Yarra with my husband. We had run for nearly an hour on Friday so on Saturday morning, I was feeling a bit sore and sorry for myself. He on the other hand was feeling awesome after feeling ordinary on Friday and he made me pay!

Sunday 2 October: The day after AFL Grand Final day and everyone else in our apartment was enjoying a sleep in. To compound my misery I had taken forever to fall asleep, THEN slept badly AND then we lost an hour to the daylight saving changeover. Since we had a 10am checkout I dragged myself out of bed at 8am and went for a half hour walk along the river.  We then proceeded to do a crapload of walking over the course of the day so in the end, I could have stayed in bed!!

Monday 3 October: I always knew today was going to be a challenge and I wondered why I set my personal bar at 30 minutes of moving! We had two flights to get home to Perth so I knocked off 15 minutes by walking here, there and everywhere in two terminals. Then in afternoon, once we got home, I parked the car in the furthest corner of the shopping centre carpark and got my second lot of 15 minutes that way!

Tuesday 4 October: Ah sweet, back at home and back into normal routine. The sun was shining in Perth on this day and I enjoyed my 8km run immensely!

Wednesday 5 October: I left my moving till the afternoon which is never a good thing for me and many thoughts of “no one will know I didn’t do anything today, I will just skip it” entered my mind. In the end my conscience prevailed and  I had a lovely ride in the sun around a nearby lake on my mountain bike which hasn’t seen any action in oh, at least a year!

Thursday 6 October: Another beautiful day in Perth and I went for a 30 minute run. My legs were not impressed with me – it’s been a LONG time since I have exercised for this many days in a row!

Friday 7 October: Shockingly busy day today and I had a hair appointment at 1.45pm that would preclude any sweat inducing MOVEment after! After running around all morning like a chook with its head cut off I forced myself out the door for a 30 minute walk at lunch time. Well … what a surprise that was. I walked a lot when I was pregnant with my now 2yo and have forgotten that it is quite pleasant. A lot more pleasant than running actually!

Saturday 8 October: After a late night on Friday, getting up early was not an option and I had to get a bit creative today in order to fit my half hour of moving in. In the afternoon we decided to go down to the beach and have dinner there so I set off on foot in the direction of the beach 20 minutes ahead of my husband and child and by the time they got to me in the car, I had achieved my half hour target.

Sunday 9 October: Got up early and did what I call “Ant’s run” – this hilly 10km run that is my husband’s favourite. Well, I was completely knackered afterwards … but it was a great way to start the day and finish the moving week!

What I have learned this week

  • Getting in 30 minutes of aerobic activity each day is harder than I thought!
  • I really need to get up first thing in the morning and JUST DO IT as it does my head over the course of a busy day when I know that somewhere in there, I still need to fit in 30 minutes of activity!
  • I like walking. And riding my mountain bike. Who knew!

So how did you all go?

I hope you all found it a bit easier than I did! If you managed to tick “YES” for all nine days up till now, let me know in the comments. I am going to do a random draw prize from everyone who has managed to MOVE for the last nine days 🙂