Get your gold star here!

I have been re-reading Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project recently and in there she mentions the concept of ‘gold stars’ – that is, when she does something she thinks is worthy, she loves to get credit for it in some way! She also mentions her frustration when the people around her (usually her husband!) don’t pick up on this need.

The fact is, we are all like this! We all like to get credit where it’s due, whether it’s because we’ve emptied the dishwasher, got an A on our assignment or come up with the cure for cancer. Unfortunately though, gold stars can sometimes be in short supply and we can feel like our efforts are not appreciated.

When devising her year long Happiness Project, Gretchen set herself tasks for each month and created charts to track her progress and success in completing these tasks on a daily basis. She found that ticking off items on her chart and seeing tangible evidence of her success gave her a jolt of energy and a sense of satisfaction. She didn’t need to rely on anyone else for gold stars as she was able to give them to herself!

This is why I created the MOVEtober Calendar (click on the image below to download). At the end of every day, you can record the fact that you DID move and get a hit of positive energy from every “YES” that you have circled. I imagine that the sense of satisfaction you will feel at the end of October when you see how much you MOVED in the month will be priceless 🙂


The official MOVEtober Calendar