Five things my mother taught me that makes the world a better place

1. Treat others the way you want to be treated

Some people reckon Jesus taught them this, but for me, it was my mum who taught me to treat others with respect and not to judge others too harshly.

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2. Don’t let the sun go down on a fight

My mum was the master of this. You’d throw yourself into your bed and descend into a massive sulk. But not for long. Because Mum would be at the door talking you down. And then she’d go away. And then she’d come back. Repeat ad infinitum till all was at peace in the world again.

This has had lasting effects on me. Because now if I am on bad terms with ANYONE … I simply cannot sleep until it is taken care of!

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3. It will pass

This was my mum’s favourite saying and applied equally well to physical hurts and emotional hurts. Unless we were dying, physical hurts were treated with panadol and a lie down. Emotional hurts were treated with hugs and love. But prolonged self pity was not an option.

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4. Honesty is everything

I am honest to a fault and I simply cannot tell a lie without my face (red/blushing) and voice (quavering) proclaiming it to the world. With my mum, there was no point telling a lie. If you told the truth, she’d tell you she was disappointed at what you’d done, but proud you’d told the truth. If you told a lie … she’d know anyway. And her disappointment at the lie would be almost too much to bear.

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5. Love hard

Unerring, unwavering, all encompassing, the love my mum has for all her kids is something to behold. The delight she takes in our achievements, no matter how small (“Kelly is going out with something 6 foot 6 inches tall!”) and her steadfastness in the face of the stormiest seas has shown me the manifest benefits of loving hard and deep.

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  1. Wow Kel – so glad I managed to teach you all that :).

    I will just say that I have been very very lucky to have the most wonderful children ever and they married the most special people too – my cup overflows. But, I guess every mum says that and to them all – its true! My thought for the day –

    Never miss an opportunity to praise and admire what your kids do – it will make up for the times they are less than wonderful :).

  2. Thanks Mom – you taught me MUCH more than the above! You are the best 🙂
    Love Kel

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