Let’s get some endorphin therapy in October

Spring is here – the weather is warmer, the sun is shinier and the outdoors has come a-calling. Which makes this the perfect time of year for a new challenge!

And not your average ‘summer is just around the corner, time to get your bikini body back‘ type of challenge either. I don’t care about your bikini body – I care about your mind.

The following facts are indisputable:

  • Our bodies are made to MOVE
  • When we MOVE our bodies, we feel better
  • When we feel better we cope better with what life throws at us on a daily basis
  • When we cope better we’re nicer people, parents, partners, friends, workmates … you get the picture
  • When we MOVE, we’re better equipped in the ever present fight against overwhelm
  • When we have overwhelm under control, we’re happier
  • It’s nice to be happy

OK, I like the idea of being happy, what’s the challenge?

My challenge to you (and to myself) is very simple. I want you to MOVE, every single day this October.

Yes that’s right – 31 days in a row; no pass-outs, no make-ups, no excuses.

Define “MOVE”

How you choose to MOVE is completely up to you

Why, I am glad that you asked!

How you define “MOVE” is completely up to you. You can define an activity, you can define a period of time, you can define it any way you like – as long as you define it and as long as it is achievable.

For me, I am defining “MOVE” as doing something aerobic in nature for a minimum of 30 minutes per day. My MOVE weapons of choice are walking, running and cycling.

YOUR weapons of choice may be walking, yoga, stretching, cleaning, gardening, dancing to the Wiggles with your kids or base jumping. Or all of the above.

YOU may feel it is only realistic to commit to 10 minutes a day.

How and how long you choose to MOVE is up to YOU.

Should I be challenging myself?

Look – I consider the simple act of committing yourself to MOVE every single day for 31 days is challenging enough. So don’t feel that your definition of MOVE needs to be challenging as well. I have an athletic background where I used to train for around 3 hours a day. My current fitness levels AND my current lifestyle makes committing to MOVE for 30 minutes a day entirely feasible.

Please set yourself a MOVE task that is feasible to achieve every day for the whole of October.

If I miss a day, can I make it up somewhere else?

No. Sorry, no making up. Set yourself a minimum move task that is achievable and reproducible for the 31 days of October. For instance, if you know there is one day in particular that you’re not going to be able to get out for more than 10 minutes, then set your MOVE definition at 10 minutes. You can still do a 30 minute walk on days where time permits, but the importance of getting out and doing something every single day cannot be overstated.

I need some MOVE ideas and tips

Well you’ve come to the right place! I’ll be publishing a tip a day for the next 9 working days here on The Smile Collective blog. If you want them delivered straight to your inbox, simply subscribe to this blog (enter your email address under “Send me some smiles” in the right hand sidebar).

How will I stay motivated?

I will be putting daily call outs on The Smile Collective facebook page for people to share how they have moved that day. Also, anyone who manages to move every single day in October can choose any 8×10 print from The Smile Collective shop and I will send it to them for FREE!

Ok I am in. Do I need to register or something?

No this is a total honour system challenge but feel free to comment “I’m in!” below 🙂 And hey, get your friends on board too!

Stay in touch with us via facebook and this blog, and at the end of the month, if you have MOVED every single day, I will invite you to send through your 8×10″ print order.

Remember, this challenge isn’t about losing weight – it’s about feeling better – every single day. I look forward to taking the challenge with you all!

Comments ... oh they do make my heart sing!

  1. Erin Thompson says:

    Im in!!

  2. Im in Kel, great idea. The tough bit will be doing soemthing every single day, as although some days I may exercise for 2 hours plus, some days with work travel it is easy to skip. 30mins run, ride or gym class for me.

    • I’m the same Bec! I tend to give myself at least one day off a week at the moment – but not in October … and with two trips to Melbourne in October – that should provide a stern test!

  3. I’m in!

  4. I’m in 🙂

  5. I’m in!! Just what I need to get myself going!!! Thanks xxx

  6. Welcome Bianca and Yvonne!

  7. I’m in this fits in so well with weight watches so i am glad to jump on board! whole family included!

  8. I’m in. Must move this bubba weight and she is now sleeping through, so after many years (5) of not looking after me – toddler is now at Kindy a few days/week, and bub now in a great sleep routine (at the moment….touch wood) so this is perfect and thank you for the idea.

  9. Okay Kel, i am in too 🙂



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