Making me smile today – the mundane

After five years of running a business, and two years of running a business with a brand new baby, all the related stress and craziness caught up with me. Which lead to my husband putting me in time out – for two months. Bless him.

So I have been at home alone during the day for just over three weeks now and I took this photo the other day because the sheer mundanity of it just made me smile.

I’ve never wanted to be a homemaker and I’ve always known that the job of stay-at-home-mum is not the one for me. But after living seriously ‘one the edge’ for the last couple of years, these last three weeks of being at home, pottering around, reading, napping and just generally ‘doing what I feel like’ has been unreal! So today, this picture below is making me smile because it sums up my average day at the moment.

Freshly done washing up, giving the ‘lucky bamboo’ some sunlight while Jaden’s trains look on from the windowsill. Yes – sheer bliss!

Loving the mundane!

Comments ... oh they do make my heart sing!

  1. Natalie at Mummy Smiles says:

    I can feel your peace emanating from this picture. And how lucky are you that you can find such pleasure in the “normalness” of life 🙂

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