Making me smile today – this child of mine

While I can’t remember all the way back to when I was two, I can remember back to when I was a kid in general, and if memory serves me correctly, I was quite a serious little thing.

Which is why this child of mine makes me shake my head in wonder all the time.

Neither myself or my husband are particularly effusive people. As an adult, I still tend towards the serious and hubby has been described as ‘so laid back he’s virtually horizontal’. Yet Jaden is just so joyful!

When a grandparent turns up at the door he squeals with delight. Last week, chasing a friend around the kitchen, his shrieks were loud and hilarious. As for bubbles – oh how he loves bubbles. He loves them in his bath and boy does he love it when his dad blows bubbles outside for him to run through!

Does your child ever do something that makes you think “where did you come from?”!

Comments ... oh they do make my heart sing!

  1. Gorgeous photos! My kids are the same – enjoying life, laughing, not being able to contain their excitement when visitors come. It really makes me smile, and it certainly makes me wonder where they came from!

  2. Natalie at Mummy Smiles says:

    Beautiful – he is such a joyous little boy. Every time I watch the You Make Me Smile video, his little face just radiates happines!

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