Movetober Tip #3 – Get a buddy involved

I really want to avoid using the words “studies show” during Movetober, because the majority of stuff that “studies show” is just plain common sense.

Unless you’re a dodgy pharmaceutical company.

Or drilling for oil in a national park.

But I digress …

So, instead of “studies show“, I am going to use the words “common sense shows“. And today’s little pearl of common-sensical wisdom is:

Doing something with a buddy means
you’re more likely to follow through.

Why? Because peer pressure is the real deal! Just like kids who never sleep at home during the day will lie down and have a nap on their mat at daycare, adults are more likely to do something if their peers are doing it too. Adults also add another ingredient to the peer pressure mixture … accountability. If we tell a friend we’re going to do something, we do it, because the alternative is explaining to them why we didn’t. And we hate that!

So get a friend involved with Movetober. Even if they are just an accountability buddy as opposed to a partner in crime. Or you can use the Smile Collective facebook page as your accountability buddy. Every day in Movetober I will be encouraging everyone to post up what they have done for the day (virtual high fives all round!)


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