Movetober Tip #4 – Plan ahead and be creative

Two trips to Melbourne in October ... going to present some challenges!

I don’t know what your average day can look like, but mine can be a little frantic and reactive. And those are the good days!

So if you approach each day of Movetober with a ‘let’s just see what happens approach’, this can quickly bring you undone.

For example, this week I have been doing a bit of a Movetober dry run (it been a LONG time since I’ve done ‘something’ every single day of the week). I knew that this week on both Wednesday and Thursday, I would be dropping one of our cars to our local Automasters for a service. And then needing to pick them up in the afternoon. I also knew that I had a crapload of work to get through on each of those two days.

So I planned ahead and figured out a way to use my time efficiently AND also get my 30 minutes of moving into each of those days. Instead of ginning around getting my husband to go with me in the other car for each pick up and drop off, I dropped the car off myself each time and ran or rode the 3km home. In the afternoon, I ran or rode the 3km back and picked the car up.

Yah I know, this specific example is not for everyone, but the principle is sound. If you know that there are going to be time (or other) challenges on a given day, what can you do to address them ahead of time so that you will be able to meet your move goal for that day?

In October I am heading to Melbourne not once, but twice! Trust me when I say I am planning from NOW as to how I am going to meet my move goals on those days!

Can you see any days in October when getting out and doing your MOVE thing is going to present a challenge? Whatcha gonna do about it?



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