Movetober Tip #5 – Take the opportunity

This tip is sort of in line with the tip from Friday (plan ahead).

There are so many opportunities in your day to move more than you normally would, so why not take them?

Do you commute to work in the morning? Can you park your car at a car park that is further away from your office? Or can you get off the bus a few stops early?

These shoes weren't made for walking ... so if this is what you wear to work, you might want to take some sneakers with you! {img}

How about when you go to the shops? My husband drives me insane because he takes the very first spot he sees on entering the car park and I remark drily that maybe we could have just parked at home? But maybe he is just trying to get me moving more?!

Where practical, why not take the stairs instead of the lift … half the time the stairs are faster anyway!

Heading to the park with your kids? Can you walk rather than take the car? Once there – can you play on the equipment with them? I can assure you that this activity is absolutely exhausting. My two year old is relentless “C’mon MUMMY!!”

What about the shops? When my little one was a newborn, I actually found it easier to walk the 20 minutes there and back with him in the pram than to drive there, get him in and out of his capsule AND also get the pram in and out of the car! My friends thought this was hilarious because I used to be the person that drove the 300m up to my local IGA!

Another opportunity is to be inefficient. If you are like me, you would rather load yourself up with as much as you can to avoid making multiple trips. Instead, you could take two bags at a time and quadruple the number of trips you do to and from the car with the shopping. Or you could quadruple the number of times you go up and down the stairs with the laundry.

One last suggestion is the cleaning – speed things up a bit. If you are like me, you casually meander from room to room slowly doing your thing. Doing things quicker is more energising and also means the cleaning gets done faster!

OK – that’s enough tips from me. As with all my tips, some are practical for your situation and some are not. So I want to hear from you guys about potential opportunities to MOVE more in your day. Your suggestion might be JUST the right fit for someone else!

Feel free to leave a comment below - I LOVE hearing from readers!