Mrs Woog’s Manifesto for Non-Craptastic Parenting

If you’re a reader of Australian blogs, then you are guaranteed to have come across Woogsworld in your travels. The delightful Mrs Woog is not just an Australian blogging superstar, she is a lovely person. And strangely, even though her two kids are much older than my one, she is someone who has taught me more about parenting than anyone else. I got a reminder of that this week when I started flicking through her very funny e-book which is a compilation of all the parenting related posts on her blog.

Mrs Woog’s parenting posts are not just funny and educational, they are also inspirational. I particularly love the way she embraces her son Jack’s love of ballet and all things sparkly and pink. It is clear that Jack has grown into a wonderfully self-assured showman and I love reading about his exploits. Jack was also born deaf and has benefited hugely from the work done at The Shepherd Centre in NSW.

Which makes the timing of this post very perfect as tomorrow (Friday October 19th) is Loud Shirt Day, with all proceeds going to The Shepherd Centre. I know Mrs Woog and Jack would be ever so grateful if you not only wore a VERY LOUD SHIRT tomorrow, but also made a donation to The Shepherd Centre.

In the mean time the below manifesto was inspired by Mrs Woog’s wonderful e-book which is totally worth every bit of the measly $5 she charges for it! Click on the image to the right to buy it.

And as always, if you would like to download a copy of the manifesto below, simply click and a pdf will open up 🙂



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  1. Oh I so love this! Thanks Mre Woog for making my day – your Manifesto rocks 🙂

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