My happy place #4, 5, 6 & 7!

Oops I have gotten a bit behind with my “My Happy Place” daily posts – the end of last week was a little busy! Better late than never is what I always say though so here they are!

#4 – The little things that our kids do


This is Jaden’s train collection, two of which he is allowed to take with him to daycare each day. There are a few boys at daycare who are taking their trains in so to help reduce confusion I thought I would put Jaden’s initials on his. What I didn’t anticipate is how wholeheartedly he would embrace the concept! Once I had done a couple, he started going in search of those individuals that weren’t in the drawer to make sure they got the naming treatment too. Then he opened the drawer that contained all the tracks and started bringing those to me too. I did have to draw the line at naming all 70 million of his track pieces, but gee his enthusiasm made me laugh!

#5 – Friends

I have a very large group of friends. Back in the day, we were all triathletes, seeing each other daily – often spending more time with each other than with our partners/spouses. Nowadays though, we’ve pretty much all got kids and as we’re not training and competing, don’t have the luxury of that daily catch up any more. In fact, I can go months or even years between catch ups with some of my friends – but am able to keep tabs on what they are up to via the people I DO get to see! When I do get the chance to catch up with several of my buddies in one hit, as I did on Friday, I just love the fact that we are able to pick up from wherever we last left off. My friends energise me and make me happy beyond belief!

#6 – Men with prams

I went out for a run on Saturday morning and ran past no less than three guys pushing prams. It was pretty early in the morning so clearly these guys were giving their tired wives a little sleep-in by taking the baby out for a walk. I just thought that was so sweet.

#7 – Sunshine


It’s no secret that sunshine makes us all that little bit happier and I often wonder why we’re not programmed to respond similarly to dark, cold and gloomy days! Maybe because we are warm-blooded creatures? Whatever the reason, sunshine and warmth makes me disproportionately¬†happy and I got both in spades this weekend. So the whole weekend was a happy place for me … and I think for this little guy above as well!

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