My happy place – Day 8

I’ve gotta say, I really struggled to find my happy place today. It was one of those super full on days and by the time I got home in the afternoon, I was in a super full on bad mood. So where did I find my happy place in the end? It was on the toilet.

Yes, in the toilet.

I read magazines in the toilet. I feel like I am making some major confession here because some of my friends find this really gross  but hopefully this is not a universal view?!

Anyway, my current toilet reading material is Latte, the Business Chicks magazine and in there today, I found a quote that really hit home – especially given my mood at the time. So here it is … I even made a free printable out of it for you (just click on the image to download the pdf)!

Happiness is ... (click to download)

On another note, I have to say that (present day excepted!) this “My Happy Place” challenge is really making me stop and really appreciate the ‘moments’ in each day that make me smile. I think it definitely proves Nat’s theory that:

“when you take the time for a few minutes everyday to notice the positive,
it does make a difference in your whole attitude.”

Comments ... oh they do make my heart sing!

  1. I don’t actually get the whole reading in the toilet thing, but I am a believer of taking your time out where ever you can get it. If this is your opportunity, grab it and hang onto it.
    Hope your evening was a little brighter.

  2. Natalie at Mummy Smiles says:

    I hope your day is looking brighter now xx

  3. Your day yesterday is my day today and Just found a happy moment in the toilet too, reading and editing my books, now that make me happy xx

  4. Must be in the stars… having one of those days today, for no particularly good reason. My happy moment was putting the washing out – I’m not a toilet reader!

  5. Yes… it’s wonderful to just stop and value what we actually have, from time to time in this world where people are encouraged to want more. Realising that what we have is good be it priceless or paid for, can help us to get off the proverbial hamster wheel, stretch in the sawdust *and realise how good it feels.

    (*No idea where the hamster reference came from**)

    Anyway, your comment reminded me to do that, in a who-needs-new-products-i-can-manage-with-what-I-have-and-enjoy-it-while-concentrating-more-on-being-a-good-person (**or hamster!)-and-therefore-valuable-to-others kind of way.


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