My happy place – Days 9 to 16!


I have been watching admiringly as Nat from Easy Peasy Kids continues to share her happy place with her readers on a daily basis – especially as I have found it impossible to keep up the pace! Actually it was today that I realised I had reached the point of “overextend” once again. I am serial offender when it comes to overextending!

No matter, I am determined to catch up to Nat today! Here’s my last 8 days of happy places!

Day 9

Today my happy place was writing. I have always loved writing and after discovering blogging late last year, quickly became enamoured with the fact that it allowed me to indulge that love on pretty much a daily basis. Even better, blogging is self directed writing – you can write about whatever you like. In fact, I have decided I liked blogging so much that I now have four blogs!

Erm … perhaps they are contributing to this little feeling of overwhelm I am suffering from at the moment, but on Tuesday last week (Day 9 of the My Happy Place challenge) I wrote more than 3000 words for my various blogs and one guest post for another. I was totally knackered by the end of the day, but also very satisfied and happy!

Day 10

On this day, my happy place was my Smile Manifestos. I wrote and designed A Manifesto for Mums earlier this year and A Manifesto for Kids a couple of months ago. Anyone who sees the Manifestos gives me such lovely feedback and on this particular day Jodie from Muddled Up Mumma shared what she had done with the one I sent her. I am so pleased it has taken pride of place in her ‘lady room’ and when she shared it with her followers on facebook, it really made my day!

Day 11

Ah flying – sucks doesn’t it? Well not today! Today I got the front row on my Jetstar flight to Melbourne AND had a free seat between myself and the person next to me. Utterly decadent – almost like flying first class right?!

Day 12

Today my happy place was at the ProBlogger Conference in Melbourne. What a day it was – I learned so much and got the feeling that blogging is right on the cusp of something special here in Australia (if you’re into blogging and want to see my notes from the day, they are here!).

There were too many highlights to single out any on the day but one of them was actually getting to meet the lovely Nat who instigated this Happy Place challenge and seeing her 700 megawatt smile all throughout the day.

Day 13

Is there anything that can top getting off a plane and having your 2 year old throw himself at your legs screaming “Mummy!” joyously at the top of his lungs?

No. There is not 🙂

Day 14

Today my happy place was the Perth equivalent of Romeo and Juliet. We were at the back of our house playing in the spa (which Jaden calls the pool) when he heard his friend next door playing in his backyard. This started a hilarious back and forth of “Zaaaaaaaaaaach” followed by “Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaden” from over the fence – all at the top of their respective lungs. After five minutes of this we had to drag ourselves reluctantly from the spa and unite the two star crossed lovers lest our other neighbours start getting cranky!

Day 15

This evening we got to catch up with some friends we hadn’t seen for AGES (which could probably describe all our friends actually) … but anyway. We got to see their new place and Jaden got to play with what he thought was a new friend (but was actually someone he has played with a few times before!) And it was really nice.

Day 16

Happy place, happy place, wherefor art though happy place? I am sitting here writing this now and feeling quite flat. So I am thinking my happy place for today is going to be when I sink into bed. It’s been quite a tiring day emotionally 🙂

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