I’d like you all to meet Naomi from Seven Cherubs!

I have been following the lovely blog of Naomi from Seven Cherubs for a few months now and was first drawn there when I saw that she was working on a Happiness Project. Given The Smile Collective is my own ‘happiness project’ I love to see what other people are doing on the same topic! While ‘happiness’ first drew me there, I keep going back because Naomi, in addition to being a mum of SEVEN (the eponymous Cherubs) is a lovely, gentle and nurturing personality and I find her blog quite calming. Sometimes when the chaos of my life threatens to gain an upper hand, I will read Naomi’s blog and feel a bit more centred. I think I have also found a kindred spirit in Naomi in that she is both a ‘seeker of happiness’ AND she loves pretty things as much as I do.

So today I thought I would speak to Naomi about her happiness project and find out what she learned from it.

What made you decide to embark on your happiness project?

After spending the past 12 years living life at full speed with seven children, I realised one day that I had become so busy that I had forgotten what makes ME feel happy during my day. I am constantly rushing around busy and often forget to stop and appreciate the wonderful blessings and small moments of happiness around me. I am at a time and season of my life now where I have a little more time to focus on myself now that my cherubs are all slightly older.  I decided I wanted a project to help me see those moments and to focus on them some more. Enter The Happiness Project.

I really loved the concept of your “one sentence a day for a month” project – can you explain this to your readers?

This idea was originally from Gretchen Rubin and her book, The Happiness Project. In this book Gretchen shares how she kept a journal of just one sentence each day that described the happiness she had found during the day. This was exactly what I was looking for and was a happiness goal I felt was achievable. At the same time I also thought it would be awesome to get other bloggers to participate and we could all link up together and see what makes us feel happy.

What was your favourite outcome of this challenge?

I really, really loved that so many other women decided to take part in this happiness project. I loved that even though many of us women and mothers are experiencing different times and seasons of our lives, we have so many similarities when it comes to happiness. As I read through the happiness project journals the recurring happiness theme came from family, children and the simple joys of life. Happiness was mostly found in the home … and from chocolate!

You also have a happiness list and are trying to get it to 100 items. Can you tell us about this list?

When I first started wanting to explore what helped me to feel happy I went searching for a list to start from. I came across a list of 100 ideas for finding happiness and started to try each idea on the list. After a while I decided to create my own list as I became braver and more connected to what my heart and mind tells me will bring me happiness. I am trying to achieve a happier life by trying new ideas, and I am learning what I like and dislike by discovering what gems of happiness I want to keep in my life on a permanent basis.

Have you learned anything surprising about yourself in creating and executing the items on this list?

I have discovered that I love to try new things, that I have many things in my life that make me happy already and that for me happiness is connected with learning, discovering and experimenting.

Last week I wrote here in the blog that I am trying out Gretchen Rubin’s suggestion for “one thing you can do each day to have a happier life” … and that is to make my bed every day. Do you have a “one thing” you do every day that makes you happier?

I actually have several things that I do each day that make me feel happier. One is that I pray daily. It calms me, centres me and lifts my thoughts. Another is that I write. Every day I write something: a blog post, a journal entry or even a saying. My last thing I do every day is read. I so love to enjoy a good book, to help expand my mind and to use my imagination. I love learning and words.

Hey guys I know you love a free download …!

On Naomi’s website you can download a free 30 day happiness calendar which is very cool! Click on the image below.


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