Random acts of kindness

Kindness makes the world go round

Yesterday was my birthday so I was feeling pretty perky, very loved and totally spoilt! It was kind of a progressive birthday which started at Saturday night dinner with near on all of my closest friends, then on Sunday I had breakfast with my family and then last night, dinner with my hubby’s family. Now today, I am heading down to one of my favourite places in the world – Dunsborough in WA’s South West – for some R&R.

So yesterday – I was feeling totally blessed and thus was inspired to do something totally random!

The registrations opened up for the Problogger one day conference in Melbourne in October. With only 150 tickets on sale, I suspect all of these will have been snapped up by the time you read this. I gleefully and excitedly bought my ticket and then I thought to myself … I bet there’s a blogger out there who’d love to go to this event, but for whatever reason, can’t justify the cost right now.

So I tweeted out “Want to go to @problogger #pbevent but funds are tight? It’s my birthday so will buy a ticket for first person to DM me.

And within 15 minutes we had a winner (would have been faster except I forgot about the twitter Direct Messaging rules. Doh). Who got the ticket? It was Shae from Yay for Home. And do you know what made it even better? Shae mentioned that she had part paid for someone else’s ticket to go to a blogging conference earlier this year. Which to me just beautifully illustrates the concept of ‘what goes around comes around‘.

It also perfectly illustrates the idea that the fastest way to make yourself happy, is to make someone else happy.

Random acts of kindness needn’t cost you anything, they can be the tiniest little things. Like holding a door open, or letting someone with just a carton of milk go ahead of you and your full basket at the checkout. It can be sitting with your child and playing Thomas the Tank Engine for ten minutes, or making your partner a cup of tea.

I really believe kindness makes this world go around and am inspired by examples of it every single day. Do you have a random acts of kindness story? I’d love to hear it!

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  1. Natalie at Mummy Smiles says:

    How beautiful Kelly! What a thoughtful and generous idea 🙂

    I hope you had a fantastic birthday and enjoy your time in Dunsborough!

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